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Underage incest rape

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Related post: Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 05:07:23 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part Thirty FiveRELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Thirty Five A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesAll of us were a bit subdued the next morning, and to try to cheer the lads up a bit I said we'd stop for breakfast on the way - not anything expensive of course, but one of the breakfast things from a hamburger chain. They were muttering amongst themselves as they pulled on the small tight shorts and the revealing Ts, and underage lust I have to say they did look good in them: somehow the strip of naked underages girls naked belly (hard and muscled because of their training and work), the tops of their ass cracks, and the outline of their dicks through the thin material made underagegirls naked photo them look even more sexy than if they had been naked. There were a few semi-rebellious remarks when they saw that I was going to wear my usual shorts and a polo,. I explained to them (although perhaps that's a mistake as I ought to have simply ignored their comments: as a free man I could after all do as I chose) that as we were going to breakfast I needed to be seen to be an owner with his slaves; otherwise if the restaurant thought we were four slaves we couldn't go inside and would have to eat in the parking lot.They got a lot of admiring glances from the guys in the place as we walked in, and we went and found a table in the area where the signs said "For owners with accompanying slaves". Telling Luke and Darren to sit there and behave, I took Jamie with me to the counter to order so he could carry the tray back - there are after all some advantages to being a slave owner (and, anyway, it would have looked wrong to the other patrons if I'd carried the tray to feed my slaves). I bought all of them the breakfast biscuits with sausage and egg as I didn't know if we'd be fed during the day, and they were going to need a lot of energy. underage naked sex I had the same, and a big coffee to liven myself up, and had decided they should all have coffee too, for the sex with underage same reason, even though they preferred milk or juice. More complaints of course, and my idea of getting us all in a good mood seemed to be evaporating.I'd underage hot sexy been given detailed instructions and a map to get to the cabin, and when we arrived I was surprised - I'd been expecting some little box-like thing just underaged naked pics on the beach at the lake, but this place was enormous, stretching a long way along the underage pedo site shore with a deck that was actually built out over the water. underage teen hardcore I suppose I should have expected something like that given the fees the surgeon had tried to charge me. There was no sign of anywhere to park, so I pulled up at the front door, and as soon as I'd done so a young slave appeared and told me that he'd take my truck around to the parking area. Seeing the four of us looking at him as he stood there in his uniform - a leather pouch to conceal his genitals, and matching black leather gloves, he smiled at us. "I reckon you're the special guests the master is expecting, sir? He said an owner and three slaves....""How did you know these guys are slaves?", I asked."Easy, sir. The only young guys who get to underage porn teen come up here are slaves - all the master's regular guests are older. Anyway, sir, he told me to ask 3d incest underage you not to come directly in as most of his guests are already here teenagers nude underage for an early breakfast, and he wants to surprise them later on. If you'll follow me I'll take you around to the slave entrance where you can wait for my master."Well I wasn't exactly happy about that. I thought about telling him to take the lads there and that I would go in the front, like a free man. But then I thought that he was only obeying his owner's orders, and that if I did that he might get blamed and punished. underage hardcore pics Still, we all followed him along the front of the place and then in to a side entrance where there was a pretty spartan seating area. He asked me to wait there, saying he needed to move my truck before other guests arrived, and that he's tell the master we were there. As soon as he'd gone Jamie pulled out something he'd been carrying and said cheekily "So OK, Steve - here's your shorts and T. Time for you to get changed - I reckon that's what those coat hooks tight virgin underage are for in here. No reason not to, after all - we're not going to a restaurant or anything...."I ought to have slapped him for it was clear he was "pushing me" again, but, I suppose he was right. So as the three of them watched me I stripped off and pulled the T on, stretching it over my hard muscles. Then just to show them there was nothing to be ashamed of, I stood bbs underage fuck there for a moment or two casually scratching my belly as if it was the most normal thing in the world before easing myself into the tiny slave shorts and settling" my dick so that it was kind of horizontal and "showed" me to good advantage. Look, in some ways it was nothing out of the ordinary : in spite of all the fuss they'd been making about the shorts they were really no worse than the ones we all habitually wore at the School for fighting and training. underage cunt licking Still, I suppose it's different when all the guys around you are similarly dressed, and here it was going to be underage illeagal models very different.Before there could be any more comments from the guys the gay teen underage door from underage mother the rest of the place opened and the surgeon came in. He came over, hand outstretched, and said "Steve, good to see you." Then, looking down at me he smiled and added "Or should that be very good to SEE you?". I tried to smile at his little pleasantery as his eyes were riveted on my dick as it strained against the shorts. He let go of my hand then and stood there looking at the three lads. "Excellent! The slaves are a credit to you, Steve - they look even better than when I last saw them: it's good to see you've not let them lose that sharp tone to their bodies." He paused for a moment then added "I'm not sure I want them dressed like that, though - well, not until later, anyway. It might be fun to have them like that and then have them strip before they fight and fuck - I always think seeing the taking off of the clothes adds to underage models kid the spectacle, don't you?"Well he's right, of course - well, I always think so. But I didn't want to say anything to upset the boys further or to make it seem as if I'd forced them to wear the stuff unnecessarily. So I just nodded. "Tell them to strip naked, Steve. We're all out on the deck this cute underage teen morning and it's kind of lazy here before lunch - your slaves can frolic around in and out of underage art gallery the water to provide a bit of entertainment."I turned to the lads and snapped "You heard. Get naked."I was glad to see they obeyed without any dissent at all - I suppose that to them being naked was better than being in the revealing shorts. The surgeon eyed them up and down and slapped me on the back "You're one lucky man, Steve, to own prime properties like these - even allowing for the twisted untouched underage pussy leg. I reckon some of my guests will be making you very good offers for them - it's not often you find young slaves like these in such good condition, and so well hung, too.... Still I suppose gladiator schools do underage art toplist a lot of filtering and only select the best ones for training. " He paused, looked at underage feet me as I stood there in my shorts, smiled, and added "...like you, of course!"I nodded, and smiled faintly to acknowledge his praise. "I don't want you to wear those shorts, though. This morning I've got a job for you to do: it will amuse my guests if they have you serve as a waiter - filling their drinks, bringing coffee and snacks, that sort of thing. It will be a really thrilling experience for them to have a free man do that sort of thing instead of a slave. And I'd like you to dress up a bit as a waiter, to emphasise the point."I didn't like it, of course. I mean, it is a bit demeaning to get a free guy to carry out slave duties, isn't it? But I remembered my agreement wit the surgeon, and said as casually as I could "Sure, no problem"."OK then - I think you ought to wear a plain white T to make it a bit like those underage 12 porno waiters' jackets of old." I nodded, and, the surgeon opened a locker and pulled out a freshly laundered snow-white T. I erotic underagegirls pulled off the tight one I underaged elegal porn as wearing, and when I slipped the new one it was kind of gratifying to fee that it was nice and loose, and long enough to reach down to the top of my shorts so underage pussy video I was no longer displaying a few inches of belly.The surgeon gave an approving look, then pulled something out of his pocket. "To complete it, Steve, you need a bow tie. Here's one on elastic - slip it around your head."I stood there almost in shock - it was going to look ridiculous to be wearing a bow tie with a T shirt and tight shorts. Worst, of course, the thing would carry a message to everyone who saw me: I was in effect wearing a collar, just as most slaves did! I wanted to protest, but porn lesbian underage then though "what the fuck?" - it was only going to be for the day, after all - I'd never see any of those men again,. And I'd set a good example for the lads by showing them that we were all simply going to do what we needed to pay the surgeon for doing Darren's leg. So I stretched the elastic, pulled the thing over my head, and settled the bow at my throat."Excellent!", the surgeon said. "But I think you'd be better without the shorts. edmonton underage That's a good long T, and it will be kind of exciting to see your dick and balls hanging down below the hem. And with your underage oriental pussy butt, too, I think you can keep it pulled up at the back, resting on top of those buttocks of yours - you've got really pronounced muscles there, and it ought to stay providing you don't move too quickly."This was too much! I was going to look utterly humiliated. I muttered "I think I'd rather be naked....""No, Steve. I think you'll be really neat in the tie and the T - the contrast between you and the slaves will be properly maintained - I wouldn't want to see a free man cavorting around naked with slaves anyway: that's kind of perverted. Well, at least in public...."Fuck me! He actually thought that seeing men naked would be perverted! What the fuck did he think that humiliating me by making me have my dick peeking out from under my T was? "No!", I said."No, Steve? You want to renege on our agreement? I'd remind you that I have already done my initial consultation with your slave, and that our agreement is that you would serve all day here in return... Now if you don't want to fall in with my suggestions, that's OK - you're all free to leave any time you like. But please be prepared to pay my bill...."He had me, I hentai underage thumbs knew. I put my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts, and pushed them underage incest rape down. Then, looking straight at him so he knew I could porn webcam underage see him looking at my dick and balls in fascination, I "flicked" at them with my hand to free them up properly from where the shorts had pressed them against my belly and thighs. I gave underage ducky porn him a look of disdain, so he'd know I didn't care, then cuffed Jamie around the ears (although not as hard as I could!) as he'd started to laugh.Worse was to come, though - the surgeon pulled out another bow tie on an elastic band - much smaller than the one around my neck - I guess it was one of those they sell for kids, when their parents make them dress up in tiny suits and stuff for weddings. "Slip busty underage tits this around your dick and balls", he told me, his voice sounding mocking and yet with an undertone of seriousness.I didn't think he could be serious, but he stood there holding the thing out towards me, and I knew underage sex sites I had no choice - I had a contract, he'd already carried out an examination of Darren and there underage erotic cunt was no way I could pay his bill. What was a few hours of humiliation compared with being enslaved for debt? So I took it from him, spread underaged nonnude the elastic wide with my fingers, then gently teased it around my dick and balls, being very very careful not to let the elastic snap against my sac! The small bow stood there, half lying on top of my dick, framed with my pubic hair, and Jamie started to laugh. "It looks a bit like a dude wearing sun glasses on top of a huge nose!", he told me, and I wanted to hit him, hard this time. But I held myself in check, not wanting to give the surgeon or the lads the satisfaction of knowing the depth of my anger at being forced to underaged russian modles dress like this.I hated it, all morning! The surgeon had about fifteen guests, and I was kept busy taking them drinks and stuff. They seemed to delight in almost whispering what they wanted as they lay there in sun loungers, so that I had to kneel right down to hear what underage teenage models they were ordering, and of course as I did this my dick with its humiliating decoration of its bow tie was brought even closer to them. Some of them even called me "boy", just as if I was a slave, and one or two of them actually patted my bare but as a gesture of dismissal after I'd served them. And whilst all this was going on, Luke, Darren and Jamie simply enjoyed themselves - diving into the lake, racing each other as they swam up and down, playing with a giant beach ball that one of the men threw to them, then coming up onto the deck to warm themselves up in the sun (I guess the lake water was kind of cold, judging by the way their dicks were shrivelled and their balls were all screwed up tight instead of hanging down as they usually did). The men seemed to enjoy it, though, and one of them knelt beside Luke as he lay on the decking in the sun and started to rub suntan oil into him - all over, of course, especially all over his butt and then his dick after he'd told Luke to roll over on to his back.It got even worse when some of the men invited Luke and Darren to sit at their tables under the brightly coloured sun shades, and then ordered me to fetch them drinks! I could tell Jamie got a special pleasure from saying "And not too much ice!" To me as he ordered an orange juice, then sat there idly chatting to the men and playing with his dick as I had to serve him.It didn't get any better at lunch time, either: The surgeon's house slave who had greeted underage incest fuck underaged nude porn us had unpacked a kind of giant picnic in the kitchen - well it would have been a picnic if the men had all come and helped themselves, but the surgeon told all four of us that we were to be waiters now. Jamie, Darren and Luke were given bow ties around their necks as I was wearing, and the surgeon told me underage pussy model that he thought it would look better if we were all the same - so I lost the T (and, mercifully, the bow tie around my dick and balls).All ilegal underage sex four of us went backwards and forwards between the kitchen and the deck carrying plate of food and drinks to the surgeon and his guests, and it was as if the men, seeing all underage sexe four of us wearing only the ties, simply forgot that I was a free man just as they were. They no loner said "please" or "thank you" and they had that special "slave tone" in their voices when giving me orders - you've probably underage girl upskirt done it yourself, I guess: You're having a normal conversation with a buddy, laughing and chatting, then you see a slave waiter and it's as if you asian underage photos suspend your normal conversation in mid sentence, rap out "Refresh my drink, boy" louder and somewhat harshly, and then resume your conversation where you left off, laughing again underage sex doll and not even waiting for an acknowledgement, so confident are you that the salve will underaged xxx obey.It was almost more than I could bear, especially when I was young sluts underage treated more as an object underage model russian than as a man - bringing a tray of drinks to a table I had to stand there as they chatted away, waiting to be acknowledged. Then, if I'd forgotten who had ordered what, they were offhandedly rude when telling me which drink went with which guy, and even slapped at my butt as some sort of token punishment.At about three o'clock when all the men had finished lunch and were mildly drunk from all the booze they'd consumed, the surgeon told all four of us to take off our bow ties and line up in front of his guests. He stood there, made an expansive gesture towards us, and began "Friends, I have something very, very special for you this afternoon. I know you've enjoyed my special waiters so far, especially Steve, who is a free man like the rest of us! But look closely at all four of them - they're not like your ordinary run-of-the-mill household slaves: these men are all athletes with hard, toned bodies. What's more they were all specially selected for another attribute - they're all well hung, as you can see. But that's not what they shocking pics underage are for - they were all until recently gladiators at the city's premier School, and some underage panties pics of you may have spend a whole lot of money on tickets to see such magnificent creatures perform in the arena.... And even then, unless you arranged a private display at vast expense, you would not have seen them in all their naked glory as you see them underage virgins club today!"All the men nodded and muttered between underage defloration themselves, obviously in agreement with that the surgeon was saying. He paused until they had finished, then continued "My friends, I'd like to thank you all for coming here today and making for such an enjoyable change from the dull routine of life, and nude underage movie as a reward, I organised these four gladiators to perform for us. For the first part of their performance we will see a proper display of fighting - although they are, as you can see, tranny fuck underage all rather different underage naked boys in stature, and one has a deformed leg." He came over to the four of us and pulled Jamie russian underage gallery and Luke out and continued "As an added excitement, these two are brothers - even in the arena I doubt if you'd have the chance to see two brothers grappling together naked and so this will be a very special treat. And, of course, Steve is a free man - again, something exceptional: a free man fighting naked in front of you."Some of the men began to mutter things like "Unfair" and "..proper match.", and nude underage territory the surgeon gestures for silence. "You're right, of course - one of the brothers is a couple of years older, and it shows in his young underage fucked overall physique. And Steve, his owner and a former gladiator russian underage forum himself, tells me that underage foto the older brother was in training for much longer. Then there's clearly a mismatch between Steve and the 'damaged' fighter: not only is Steve clearly very much more powerfully built he's very, very much more experienced as he was a Champion - and that's ******** underage sex overlooking the twisted leg of his opponent. We're going to even things up a bit, though: the two brothers will grapple oiled-up - that will remove much of the weight advantage the older one has. And Steve will fight with one hand tied behind him, which should even things out a little!"The men all began to nod and laugh, and the surgeon allowed them to quieten before he added "And as an added entertainment for you all, and something you certainly have not seen in the public arena, these will be 'fights to the fuck' - the pairs will fight on until one has so utterly vanquished the other that he can exert his total dominance by fucking the loser!"The men all cheered now, and all four of us looked at each other in dismay. Look, it's not as if we were not used to sex, but the way it cunt underage girls was going to go either Jamie or Luke was going to have to fuck his brother! And Darren was well used to taking Jamie's dick, but not mine! What's more, we were going to have to do it not in the relative privacy of the gladiators' quarters, but out here on the open deck in front of asia underage all these guys. Both Jamie and Luke looked so rebellious that I thought they were going to say something, so I hissed at them "Shut it! hentai underaged girls It's no big deal... You both fuck... So forget you're brothers just for this afternoon." And to Luke I murmured "Sorry, marriage underage but you're going to have to take my dick - I know I'm bigger than Jamie, but I'll be gentle."I feel sure the guys would have started to argue with me there and then had not the surgeon come over and said to me "Take them to the slave quarters and get them prepared - there's proper enema equipment in there - we don't want any unpleasant crap around the place when you're fucking". I knew it was useless to protest - I'd agreed to this day, and we may as well go through with it. And, after all, it's not as if we weren't all used to fighting and fucking, and it was only the partnerships and surroundings that were a little different. The house slave was there underage paysites bbs and naked underage virgins he grinned - I guess he was looking forward to watching, too - and said "This way, guys....", as if he'd forgotten that I wasn't a slave. tight underage girls Still, that was easy to do as I was as naked as Jamie, Luke and Darren.No one likes the enema tube up their ass, I know. But the three lads seemed to underage fantasy stories be blaming me for underage girl thumb it as they stood huddled together in the shower area in the slave quarters. It's not as if it was the first time they'd had underage legal model to do it, either, so I told them they were being unreasonable, and reminded them we were all doing this to help Darren. I stood back then to avoid getting splashed as they squatted so the first wash could come out of them (and to avoid underage intercourse video the smell!). After they'd all flushed themselves three times, the house slave handed them towels, and bent down to help Jamie dry himself - I suppose it russian underage incest was nice for him to have a hard body to service rather 15yo underage than the surgeon!"What about you, Steve?" Jamie asked as he stood there then, half erect as a result of the house slave's attention to his dick."I'm fighting Darren, so there's underage nude no problem... He's cleaned out.""Yes, underage girl stripping but when Darren wins, it won't be very nice for him to have your shit all over his dick...""He won't win. I was a Champion. And his leg...."Jamie had been in this semi-belligerent mood all day, challenging underage sex pedo me, but now it was Darren who spoke up, kind of siding with his lover. "Don't bet on it, Steve! I'm fitter than you - I've been working, remember? And younger. And you're going to fight with one arm tied behind you. I reckon it's an bbs underage sexy even chance it will be my dick up your ass... Now, get in here and get cleaned out...."I was going to tell him to fuck off, but the young house slave looked up at me from where he was kneeling in front of Jamie. "Please, sir....", he began, then changed to "Please, Master.... Please clean yourself - I will help you, sir, if you prefer. My master ordered me to bring all four of you here for cleaning, and if he asks me if all went well when we go back outside, and he hears that underage rusain virgins you were not cleaned, he'll order a caning for me later...."It must have been all that time I spent as a slave that caused me to do as he'd asked. After all, there had been enough occasions when I'd learned that I needed to obey, and obey totally, even if I didn't like what was going on; and I also knew that lying to Straughan real underage preeteens or to one of the guards at the School was likely to cause me to be punished even more. So I understood the young slave's problem - he'd get beaten if I failed to do something, whether that's unfair or not. "Fairness" is not a concept that applies to an owner's treatment of a slave, after all. So very art underage teen reluctantly as the four of them watched I stood there under the water and used the hose myself to fill underage pedo models my insides up, then crapped it all out, and repeated the process underage little sluts until I too was squeaky clean. As I roughly towelled myself dry I said to Darren "You won't win though - age and experience will always beat youth and enthusiasm, as the old saying goes!""Actually, Steve, who cares? It's you who's making a lot of this! It tiny nude underage will be a lot of fun for me either way - either I get your dick up my ass, which you used to do bondage underage and which I enjoyed. Or I get to fuck you - and who wouldn't underage ass pics want to fuck a guy like you?"Jamie piled in then "Yes, Steve - after the way you fucked all of us at one time or another - and you weren't always all that gentle - it will be good to see that ass of yours getting a good hard pounding from Darren. And, who knows, those guys out there might want to see me and Luke taking you after that.... They'd all enjoy a stud like me in action, and young Luke here will put on a good show, too...""What do you mean - I wasn't always gentle? Compared to some of the other guys I always took it slowly at first...""But after that...""Well, I never meant to hurt anyone. But I'm like all virile guys, I fuck vigorously....""And so do I!", Darren cut in. "So no hard feelings afterwards then, Steve? What's sauce cute underage for the goose is sauce for the gander, as the old saying goes!"The young house slave was looking in russian underagegirl astonishment at teen underage asian what Jamie and Darren had been saying to me. He'd seen that I was their owner when we all arrived, but now I was naked and acting like a slave with the enema and stuff, and the others were not giving me the proper respect and deference that I'm certain he had to give to the surgeon, or risk a beating. I felt like asserting my authority by hitting Jamie and Darren a bit - nothing serious, just one of those hard slaps any owner gives an uppity slave. I started to move, but then thought better of it - what was I trying to prove? I was a free man, after all, even if I was as naked as the rest of them; and, anyway, it wouldn't look underage tiny fuck good to have the boys go in front of the men with a large red hand print on their butts. So I held back and instead just smiled "Well underage mpegs perhaps I'll be vigorous right from the start this time, Darren, as you all didn't seem to appreciate my consideration before. And when I've finished fucking you, I'll do Jamie, too - xxx underage nudes I don't need to ask the audience for permission as I own both of you."I saw Luke starting to grin and snapped "And you, too, underage softcore porn Luke! You're starting to take after your brother and Darren, and it's time you remembered that you're my slave.""Don't worry, bro", Jamie told him. "There's no way an ukrianian underage porn old guy like Steve can fuck three times in a row!".I would have hit underage russian pussy Jamie then, except that the young slave said quietly "Please, master.... Can we go? We've been here a long time, and my master will blame me...."So I stalked out of the room, back towards the waiting audience, with that confidence that an owner has that his slaves will follow him without being told.End Of Part Thirty Five
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